HONORIS BUSINESS ART's mission is to develop (quantitative and qualitative) as well as B-to-B sales leadership by:
1. Generating new customers.
2. Ensuring the commercial follow-up and the loyalty of the existing customers.
We act as a 'Business Council' for our clients. Our mission is to solve customer problems by using your products and services. In order to increase the purchasing motivation of customers, we have put in place effective approaches that allow us to move from the transaction mode to the cooperation mode and then maintain an important portfolio of contacts to reinforce the image of our partners through "field" actions, and to affirm our presence in the target markets as a modern distribution channel offering real business opportunities.


Lounge Accompaniment: The success of a show depends on its upstream preparation and its follow-up downstream! We can accompany you in all the stages, whether to select a show, to make contacts with potential partners, to organize the appointments, to accompany you with local experts (interpreting and consulting), to restart the contacts after the living room. Accompanying assistance during the negotiation: We can organize your schedule of appointments. Totally bilingual and locally based, our teams will allow you to eliminate all intercultural uncertainties during negotiations. So, you can take advantage of the advice of a local expert for the success of your business beyond the borders!


Investing in real estate in France is a matter of time and effort. We want to guide you at all necessary steps from the risk investigation of the investment, the profitability evaluation, the opening of the bank account to the notary services. We prepare your purchasing file as it should. We advise you on suitable properties, and we first look at the addresses you like with video search. If you want to see it physically later, we make an appointment for you. A package that fits you will definitely be in our offers.


You want to set up a company in France and you want to open a branch. At this point, you can contact us for free information about bureaucratic procedures. If you wish, you can continue with us for further. From the company foundation agreement, to opening a bank account, we provide services to you. We help you to find reliable business partners such as accountants, corporate addresses, lawyers etc. Do not forget that you can have long-term residence and work permits by establishing a company in France.

HONORIS Business Art

HONORIS BUSINESS ART is the specialist of commercial representation and consulting for companies that want to be close to customers. All the expertise of HONORIS BUSINESS ART consists on building the commercial strategies adapted to your business problems. The goal is to determine the opportunities to develop your turnover. HONORIS BUSINESS ART is the turnkey business solution to increase your business performance. HONORIS BUSINESS ART is a team of sales specialists in various sectors, put at your disposal their skills and know-how to develop your commercial performance.


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