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by honoris

We designed this program especially for Start-Ups and small businesses. The most important in achieving the successful development of the company is an identification of the potential growth points and creating a right strategy.

We provide guidance in tackling various business challenges, addressing strategic problems, and bringing entrepreneurs and start-ups to greater heights.

Over the years we have built a pool of tools that can help us facilitate your entrepreneurial curiosity and creativity by providing tailored mentoring and practical hands-on consultancy.

We specialize in business planning, strategic planning, design strategy, marketing strategy, project management, product strategy and management. We give one on one expert opinion and consultancy to entrepreneurs, review or walk you through crafting a business plan by evaluating your mission, help you conduct market analysis, financial forecast, competition benchmarking, estimate capital needs, product roadmap, services, management and operational plans and advise on what are the best marketing and sales channels for you.

We adapt our approach to reflect the client’s unique needs and schedule, but training is always an integral part of the framework, that’s why we propose you training programs such as design thinking, leadership, marketing management, social media marketing sales management etc.

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