by honoris

Higher education institutions and their representative organisations depend on insights into other higher education systems and institutions in order to benchmark and stimulate their own innovation and reforms. In order to help universities to address their own development aims, we frequently observed gap in higher education expertise, namely the need to set central questions of university development in a wider international context of political and institutional developments and innovations.

We do analysis and development of internationalisation agendas in education, research and administration at higher education institutions or systems (goal-setting, benchmarking, definition of organisational needs, resource estimates, implementation plans, change management). From there, we create a roadmap for the universities.

In order to be on the Top of World Universities rankings and getting best accreditations many educational institutions are taking steps to achieve the goals by developing and implementing different strategies.

With our approach, we define the needs, capabilities, existing resources and potential resources of the universities and then the redesigning process starts. We propose a road-map and an operational plan if needed.

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