by honoris

In the period of crisis, it’s important to think about the redesigning of strategy if the company faces difficulties in growth and development.

In the SRM program the various tools are used in order to create a brand new strategy or redesigned one to achieve the desired goals.

We offer consulting and facilitation services that are tailored to each client’s unique needs to help you:

  • Organize and assess your current situation by reviewing the trends impacting your organization, and assessing stakeholder expectations
  • Establish strategic direction by articulating your organization’s vision, mission, core values and overarching goals
  • Examine the important drivers of success and formulate strategies to improve your organizational performance
  • Identify and articulate strategic objectives to best reach your vision
  • Identify and analyze key performance indicators to measure what matters most
  • Improve organizational alignment and strategy communications using the framework that is most appropriate for your situation
  • Ensure strategic initiatives and projects are aligned to strategy and designed to drive the right outcomes


We adapt our approach to reflect the client’s unique needs and schedule, but training is always an integral part of the framework, that’s why we propose you training programs such as design thinking, leadership, sales management etc.

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